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Amazing benefits of having a periodic preventive eye exam 

You need to get a complete eye exam by a reliable optometrist at least once in three years especially if you are American aged 40 to 60. It is very important to understand how often you need to go to the optometrist for a complete eye exam either with special risk factors or even without any symptoms.

An optometrist is not supposed to perform a comprehensive eye exam until you ask them for a detailed eye checkup as that's none of their jobs unless they find something worth treating seriously. So, you need to make sure that you are going to get a complete eye exam especially when you do so just to confirm whether everything is all right about your vision.

Please, note that a preventive eye exam has nothing to do with a new pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses because you are feeling that your eyesight is getting weaker day by day.

The aims & objective of a dilated eye exam

In medical terms, a comprehensive or a complete eye exam is known as a dilated eye exam aimed at a deep analysis from inside the eye by pouring an eye drop in order to widen the pupil.

Finding an optometrist near you is the first thing to do so that you can get ready for an eye exam. Whether you need to check in on exam day or schedule it, you are supposed to make it clear before taking an active interest in special services such as laser surgery evaluation or contact lens set up.

Of course, you will want to talk about some important things in your mind whether they are some concerns or a few important questions, so it is advisable to bring a list with you. So, it is time for you to prepare it right away or when you are off work. 

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